7 Cars Suitable for Campervans

CAMPERVANs or camp cars are on the rise lately. Many people make modifications to their cars to be used as campervans so that road trips with the closest people become more comfortable and practical.

Now for those of you who intend to make a campervan, there are several recommended cars. Here are 7 cars that are suitable to be used as campervans.

Suitable Car for Campervan

1. Daihatsu Gran Max

A fairly spacious cabin is one of the reasons Daihatsu Gran Max is the main recommendation for those of you who want to make a campervan. In addition, Daihatsu Gran Max also has sliding doors that will make it easier to get in and out.

It will be very easy to modify the Daihatsu Gran Max into a campervan and the results are satisfactory. Now for this Daihatsu Gran Max, the price is quite cheap.

2. Toyota Hiace

Having a spacious cabin, the Toyota Hiace is not too difficult to turn into a comfortable camp. You can also add several items in it ranging from mattresses, TVs, tables, kitchen sets, to toilets that will make you feel more at home camping.

The top of the Toyota Hiace can also be raised to make it feel more relieved or it can also be used to sit around by placing chairs and folding tables there.

3. Daihatsu Luxi

Daihatsu Luxio has a spacious cabin and sliding doors, a good capital for making a campervan. In addition, the famously soft Daihatsu Luxio suspension can also make traveling to various terrains more comfortable.

Daihatsu Luxio is very suitable to be used as a campervan. You can design the interior in such a way and add home-style features.

4. Isuzu Elf

Isuzu Elf, which is a minibus, certainly does not need to be doubted if you want to be used as a campervan. Surely you will not be confused when arranging the interior of the Isuzu Elf, considering that the cabin is very spacious.

All kinds of home appliances can be included to add camping facilities. Mattresses, TVs, tables, kitchen sets, sofas, and tables can be embedded into them.

5. Nissan Evalia

Dimensionally, Evalia is included in one of the cars that is suitable as a campervan. The cabin is spacious, so it is easy to modify in a variety of models. In addition, Evalia has also been grinding sliding doors.

The Nissan Evalia also has a very low price. So more funds can be allocated to add supporting features to the car.

6. Suzuki APV

Another car that can be used as material to make a campervan is the Suzuki APV. This MPV car is indeed famous for having a fairly spacious cabin. In terms of price, it is also fairly cheap.

But there is one disadvantage in this one car, namely the door that does not use a sliding model, but like a car in general. This is certainly troublesome when going in and out of the car.

7. Toyota Alphar

For those of you who have a thick shake, the Toyota Alphard can be an option. The spacious cabin and basic car, which from the beginning is comfortable and luxurious, can be a plus when you want to make a campervan car.

The campervan of Toyota Alphard material is certainly a luxury campervan. It doesn't take much to modify this car to be used as a campervan. By presenting a mattress alone, it feels quite comfortable. 

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