8 Causes of Wasteful Car Gasoline

The causes of wasteful car gasoline are several things. However, the 8 things below that are generally often the cause of wasteful car fuel. Maybe we only use vehicles for daily activities, but pockets are even Lost out because there must be a cost of car gasoline. What are the causes of wasteful car gasoline? Let's review them one by one in this article.

Causes of Wasteful Car Gasoline
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8 Causes of Wasteful Vehicle Fuel

The cause of wasteful car gasoline can be because the car owner has not taken care of some components, even to the wrong treatment of the car. For example, filling with gasoline whose octane value does not match or poor driving style. Here's why.

1. Late oil change

Oil in the vehicle is indeed a crucial thing in the car. In addition to supporting performance, it also affects gasoline consumption. Buying time to change oil is best avoided. Especially if the vehicle is often used every day. Those oils that need to be changed regularly are not only engine oil, but transmission oil and axle oil as well. Because, without a good oil, the friction between the components is greater. Components wear out more and fuel consumption becomes wasteful.

We recommend changing the engine oil around 5,000 – 10,000 km or 3-6 months, depending on the oil used and the type of vehicle. Meanwhile, transmission oil and axle oil are sufficiently replaced by around 20,000 km – 40,000 km. Be sure to check his condition every time he performs maintenance at the nearest repair shop.

2. Dirty gasoline filter

The second cause of gasoline being wasteful is the dirty car gasoline filter. This problem also occurs because the car owner forgot or was late in performing routine services such as oil changes. Usually, this gasoline filter is replaced every 30,000 km to 40,000 km. The purpose of replacing the gasoline filter is so that the gasoline delivered to the combustion chamber is clean. If dirt enters the combustion chamber, the combustion process becomes imperfect and becomes one of the causes of wasteful car gasoline.

3. Dirty air filter

In addition to gasoline filters, air filters also need to be cleaned regularly. Because the dirty air filter makes dirt also enter the engine. The dirty air filter also makes the supply of clean air to the engine reduced so that the power produced is not optimal. As a result, the piston work becomes heavier and OtoFriends have to step on the accelerator deeper so that the car is more powerful.

4. Using Improper Fuel

This error is common because most car users underestimate it. The cause of wasteful car gasoline is to use of fuel of lower quality than the built-in standards of the factory.

For example, using fuel with an octane below 90, or even 80. Manufacturers today generally recommend the use of a minimum octane fuel of 90 or 92. Some even require a minimum of 95.

Using fuel below the recommended quality makes combustion chaotic, gasoline consumption wasteful, and the car feels tickling (knocking). As a result, the performance also decreases.

5. Problems with tires

Problems with these tires many types. It can be due to a size that does not meet the standard, inappropriate pressure, or bare tires because the tires are not straight due to rare spooring. Let's discuss them one by one.

Using tires not up to standard size

Using tires that are not up to standard in size makes the friction force on the tires and the weight of the tires also increase. The acceleration of the vehicle is hampered and makes gasoline wasteful.

Using bare or flat tires

Bare or flat tires also increase friction with asphalt. The rotating power and load of the finished engine are unbalanced. So, cars need more fuel. In addition, insufficient tire pressure can also cause tire ruptures and of course, be dangerous to safety.

Rarely spooring

Straightening the corners of the wheels turned out to have a significant savings impact. Besides being able to extend the life of suspension components such as tires, bearings, and tie-rods, spooring can also improve fuel efficiency. Because the correct wheel angle can minimize the friction of tires with asphalt.

6. Fortifying the use of air conditioners

The next cause of wasteful car gasoline is due to the driver's driving style, which is to use the air conditioner too cold. When the day is hot and the weather is very hot, vehicle users tend to maximize the temperature of the air conditioner until it is the coldest. However, doing this too often can make gasoline wasteful. Because, the lower the temperature of the air conditioner, the more fuel it requires.

As the temperature of the air conditioner gets colder, the refrigerant pumping compressor will divide the data. The engine power is drained because the AC compressor works too hard. So, you should just use it reasonably.

7. Exhaust leakage

Sometimes this part of the exhaust goes unnoticed. A leaky exhaust can be a source of the cause of wasteful car gasoline. This is because the exhaust gas from this combustion is channeled through the exhaust. If the system has a problem, for example, leaking, then it needs more gasoline.

8. Brake jams

Finally, the cause of wasteful car gasoline is because the car brakes are stuck. Car brakes can get stuck due to corrosion of the brake system. The piston in the finished calipers does not work properly and cannot return to its original position after the brakes are stepped on. Finally, the brake pads rub against the disc or drum and make the wheel rotation not smooth.

To save on gasoline consumption, you should avoid the cause of wasteful car gasoline. In addition to benefiting us as motorists, using gasoline more efficiently also helps protect the earth from the use of non-renewable energy.

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